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Tea Tastings

Learn all there is to know about the history and production of the most enjoyed drink in the World. Produced in so many different countries and in such varying styles, understand how leaves from the same plant can give you such an extensive array of flavours.

Having worked in Darjeeling, travelled the World visiting many different tea gardens and also becoming an accredited Tea Master, Andy will lead you through the 5000 year history of tea from The Emperor Shen Nung in China, 2737BC, to the traders who brought it to our shores in the 17th Century and how it finally became the World's most popular beverage, including the many health properties of this true elixir of life.

The 3 hour session starts with a traditional Afternoon Tea, with a bit of the history behind it. You will then get the opportunity to see, smell and taste over 10 different types of tea from the 85 loose leaf teas we sell at Papaji's. Including white, green, blue (oolong), black, red (rooibos), blended teas and other tisanes from around the World giving you an in-depth understanding as to how the varying production methods in different countries give rise to the amazing array of flavours, all from the same tea leaf (except if it's a rooibos or a tisane!).

Being one of the only award winning Cocktail Bars and Teasmiths in the country, we feel that the only way to finish the tasting session would be to introduce you to a couple of the many tea infused cocktails that we serve over the bar. Having won a Bombay Sapphire competition over 10 years ago by marrying up the light, citrusy London Dry gin with Earl Grey tea, Andy has been on a personal mission to find many other ways of using tea in his cocktail creations. We hope that you will agree that they work so well together.

Spirit Tastings

We also hold tastings for all other spirit categories, gin, whisk(e)y, rum, tequila, vodka & vermouths.  Delving into the history of alcohol and how the chosen spirit category has evolved in to the drink that is enjoyed today, ending up on the bar with the tasty cocktails, both modern & classic, that have become world famous.   The spirit tasting sessions last 2 hours and we will provide the perfect food pairings for your chosen spirit.

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Tastings are £49.95 per person and run Monday to Friday at 5.30pm and 1pm & 3pm on Saturdays, depending on interest and availablity as we only hold the session for 10 - 25 people. Other times are available if you have more than 10 people in your party.

To find out when the next one is scheduled for and to please click here to book.

Sessions may be cancelled 24 hours in advance due to not enough interest, clashes with bookings and any other reason that we may unfortuantely need to cancel an event. Papaji's Ltd will not be held responsible for any cost incurred.