Papajis, cocktails, kitchen, tea smiths
0117 946 6144
109 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2PB


"Sensational cocktail" - Don Pannell TripAdvisor September 2013 

"Fantastic cocktail making (session)" - L Tapping September 2013

“Superb venue for a Hen Party - informative friendly staff, great cocktails!” - Ellie July 2013

TripAdvisor Reviews

Rudy Millard - Guide2Bristol, reviews Papaji's Bar, Kitchen and Teasmiths restaurant

"My friend and I found (the tea tasting) very enjoyable and informative." - Tony Benjamin, Venue Magazine March 2010

"The pork must have been cooked slowly for several hours, if not weeks, as it was incredibly tender
and unctuous.", "The masala-sprinkled roasted Jerusalem artichokes were inspired." - Mark Taylor, Evening Post November 2010