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At Papaji’s we have over 50 years combined experience of the bar, restaurant & hospitality industry and offer a bar consultancy service where you can take advantage of this.  We offer a number of different packages from half a day or a whole days training, to a full consultancy package that would include writing new menus that are specifically targeted at your clientele, brand listing & support


Service skills & equipment training

Spirit production with category & brand tasting

History of cocktails & mixed drinks

Classic cocktails & their history

Up selling & general/profitable sales

Contemporary mixed drinks

Menu creation


We find it important to sit down with the managers/head bartenders for half an hour or so before any session to talk through your staff's strengths and weaknesses. We also offer a great reading list that we find gives those who want to know more so much more.  These packages are tailored more to your specific needs so if you are interested in getting a quote or simply knowing more, then please contact us here.