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Tea Guide

Here at Papaji's, we are passionate about our tea. We have sourced for you the finest teas from around the world, discovering hidden treasures during our exploration of the tea gardens of Darjeeling.

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We selected Glenburn Teas not just for their taste but for their ethical approach to tea production.

As with the production of wine, the character, colour and flavour of each tea is determined by a long list of variables with the key factor being the terroir (the location of the plantation, altitude, climates and soil). Other factors include seasonal changes, cultivation, plucking and processing methods and the way in which the tea is eventually brewed.

At Papaji's, every pot of tea is brewed according to its individual characteristics. Each tea has an optimum brewing time and reacts according to the temperature of the water used. Bristolian water doesn't always treat our leaves the way we like, so we filter and soften our water before boiling it.
No matter which of our 74 blends of tea you select, our dedicated Tea Master, Andy Dodd and his well-trained staff, will ensure the perfect brew.

Tea and Health

Western researchers are beginning to prove what tea-drinkers in the East have believed for millennia: tea is beneficial for maintaining both health and vigour. When tea first arrived in Britain it was not advertised as a beverage, but as a medicine.

In 1657 it was considered an effective treatment for gout, and in 1659 the first advertisement for tea, printed by Thomas Garraway owner of the London coffeehouse Garraway's, claimed tea would not only, "...maketh the body active and lusty" but also "...removeth the obstructions of the Spleen..."

  • Cell renewal: Green and white teas are packed full of antioxidants, which help fight the free radicals in our body that damage our cells.
  • Detox: Tea negates the toxic build-up within the body and helps to flush bad stuff out of your system.
  • Anti-cancer: Lab studies have shown that green tea can have a range of effects that may help in preventing certain types of cancer, particularly breast and prostate cancer.
  • Better metabolism: According to several studies, tea helps elevate metabolic rates, which speeds fat processing and improves the body's glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.
  • Better mental alertness: Tea contains a chemical called theanine, which boosts the neurotransmitters in the brain and encourages better alpha brain-wave activity.